How Deal Maker Blog Will Help You Make Money In Real Estate Investing

Are you a new real estate investor?

I was at one time.

Have you ever wondered how to invest in real estate?

I also did. After 21 transactions and Php72M in properties sold, I no longer wonder.

Would you like to get cash, cashflow and multiple streams of passive income from real estate?

You came to the right place.

I created Deal Maker Blog in response to requests for coaching and mentoring on real estate investing. This blog site will answer everything that you need to know so you can make your first (and succeeding) real estate deals.

The best thing is many of the advice will be given for free! As long as you subscribe to the site, you will receive tips on a weekly schedule. Should you need more advanced training, I’m also lining up an ebook, seminars and an exclusive member’s area for more intensive real estate investor training.

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Who Is Ronald Cagape?

My name is Ronald Cagape. I’m a digital publisher and real estate investor. I help new real estate investors make deals so you can get cash, cashflow and multiple streams of passive income.

I didn’t start out in real estate.

In fact, I’m probably a lot like you. I was not born into a rich family. My father was a security guard and my mother a public school teacher. Even before my father died while I was in high school, we already struggled to make ends meet. Their salaries were just not enough to support our family. So I grew up with Ligo sardines as my favorite ulam.

I grew up in poverty and that influenced my obsession to chase after money later in life.

I was fortunate to study in San Beda and UP-Diliman under scholarship. On my last years in college, I worked as a data encoder, pager operator and COBOL programming instructor. Although I took up Chemical Engineering in UP, I went into IT because that seemed to be the career to find good paying jobs.

I worked as a programmer, analyst and systems administrator for Philamcare, Equitable PCIBank, eTelecare and Oracle Philippines. True enough, IT paid well as I moved up in my career.

Companies I Worked For

Then all of a sudden, I stumbled on a book that changed the direction of my life.

The Book That Changed My Life

A friend lent me Rich Dad, Poor Dad and that book totally rewired my way of thinking and gave me hope that I can be rich.

I used to think that you have to work hard, get promoted and stay with one company until you retired. That was how you made money. That was how my parents taught me.

Rich Dad Poor DadBut Robert Kiyosaki changed all of that with his best-selling book. In one reading, I made up my mind to be in business for myself.

From Employee To Entrepreneur

Unfortunately, the road to financial freedom was not like a speedy ride along Skyway. It had several bumps, potholes, traffic jams and twists and turns that made the journey difficult and challenging.

I was scammed a few times.

I joined several network marketing and direct sales companies to learn sales but I failed in all of them.

I lost money businesses that I started.

I realized though that all those experiences were preparing me for an even bigger challenge.

When The Student Is Ready…

A distinguished gentleman walked in on our now defunct business, the Cashflow Center in La’O Center, Pasay Road, Makati. He wanted to learn the game Cashflow 101 so he joined us there.

The gentleman was Dr. Larry Gamboa. He was not yet a best-selling author and he has not yet even started to invest in real estate.

He was just another guy trying to figure out how to get out of the rat race – in his fifties.

He had capital but not much passive income so he wanted to learn how to create it through the game. I taught him the game then later on watched him apply it in real life.

I saw first-hand how he did his first deals – the deals he describes in his now best-selling book, Think Rich Pinoy. We would gather as a group every Wednesday in Powerbooks (and later Charter House) were all we would do was talk about deals. Larry learned through books, working with people and executing. He found out what worked and what didn’t in the marketplace and shared it during meetings.

I would go to those meetings with photos and computations in my hand and would present deals to the group. I learned how to push numbers and what numbers appealed to investors.

Our Deals

Our first deal was a 6-door townhouse from a bank that we sold through rent-to-own.

After that, we acquired 3 condo units in Pasay from a steel company and sold all 3.

We flipped a house and lot in cavite that we never saw until after the sale was made.

We took what we learned in marketing residential properties and brokered the sales of office units in Pasig, Mandaluyong and Alabang.

What People Say About Me?

Just recently, Larry said something while introducing me at the Think Rich Pinoy seminar that I’m really proud of. Larry said, “Ronald Cagape has done more for financial literacy than anyone else through the Cashflow 101 game.”

Larry also featured our story in his 2nd book, Grow Rich Pinoy.

I was interviewed by Fil-Aussie bestselling author and real estate entrepreneur Jay McLean for Life Master Now.

Here’s what other people say about me in LinkedIn.

Argel Tiburcio says,

“Sir Ronald has extensive knowledge about Real Estate and has been mentoring me and my fellow team mates regarding real estate investing.”

Alfredo Buyser says,

“Ronald Cagape is my Real Estate Coach. He is a Cashflow 101 master. I admire his pieces of advise in the real estate business. He is guiding me towards financial literacy. I highly recommend him to Linkedin.”

Melchor Guerrero says,

“Ronald is a very conscientious, hard working, reliable and trustworthy business partner. He has faced his responsibilities head on over the years with great diligence and prudence. Time has proven he is honest and delivers on his commitments flawlessly. Highly recommended.” June 30, 2011

You can find more recommendations in my LinkedIn profile.

Let Me Guide You

Through this blog, I will be giving tips on real estate investing so you can get started. I’d like to share what I know with you so sign up below.